The goal of The Vehicle Lab is to share automotive advice in the form of guides, reviews, and how-to style articles.

The main inspiration for the site was the sheer lack of actionable advice shared on other websites. To be frank, most other automotive "resources" kinda suck. Either the person doesn't know what they're talking about or they're incentivized to have an opinion.

The Vehicle Lab is different in that we actually have hands-on experience in the diagnosis and repair of our own vehicles. We've used a number of the products we recommend and we aren't sponsored by a 3rd party.



Founder & Editor

My fascination with automobiles started at a very young age. My Grandfather was one of my biggest heroes growing up and he was a truck driver. I knew that when I grew up, I was going to become a truck driver too. At the age of 17 I decided to get my CDL Class A license and I've had it since 1986.

My first vehicle was a true beater, a 1970 Ford Turino with the floorboards falling out. However, I paid for it with my own money and fixed it with the help of my Uncle and Father. The Ford Turino is long gone but my current daily driver is a 2020 Ford F-150 STX.

I've been a General Manager of a moving company and I've also been a Professional Mover for over 30 years. I've driven flat beds, reefers, dropdecks, moving vans, heavy machinery, etc. In my time as a Mover I've driven over 1,000,000 safe miles. My days of moving and driving truck are past me but The Vehicle Lab allows me to share the knowledge I've gained over the past 40 years.

While I may not have formal training as a Mechanic, I've worked in Garages and Shops throughout my life as a Heavy Truck Mechanic with on the job training. I've also diagnosed and repaired issues with my own vehicles.

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Writer | Automotive Enthusiast

My interest in vehicles started at a very young age. From as far back as I can remember, I have had a collection of Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Maisto, Bburago, and other models cars littered throughout my room. As my collection grew, so did my knowledge. I would constantly tell my parents or anybody else who would listen which vehicles we passed driving down the road or which ones drove past as we were out and about.

My interest and passion for vehicles has carried through to today. I had always wanted to do something with vehicles, but I never fully stepped into it until about five years ago. In 2015, I started seeking options and planning. In 2017 I bought my current car – a 2015 Tsukuba Red Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 – started doing my own maintenance, started taking it to shows whenever I could, and launched my own vehicle blog, The Unlimited Driver, where I focus on vehicle reviews, car-buying advice, how-tos, list articles, and press releases.

As a result of my work and experience, I have had the opportunity to become a freelance writer and a car-buying consultant. I currently maintain several clients, including Vehicle Scene, Autolist-CarGurus, my own site, and now, The Vehicle Lab.


While a lot of resources and websites about Vehicles and Automotive repair exist, they all tend to feel lacking or even "sparing" with information. The Vehicle Lab is different in that we provide in-depth answers while expressing them in a way a layperson can understand.

This is accomplished by the core writers who combine their knowledge, experience, and passion for writing and research in order to provide you the best answer possible. The overaching goal of the writers is create content that's accurate, up-to-date, and actionable.


Our team uses an internal vetting process in order to weed out products before recommending them to potential readers. Products are vetted based on the following criteria:

Real-World/Hands-On Experience

To reiterate, unlike other automotive resources, the Editorial team has experience diagnosing, repairing, and detailing their own vehicles. A number of the products we recommend, we’ve actually used. While it's near impossible for us to test every single product, having hands-on experience is the best way to know how well something works.

Professional Recommendations: The success of a Mechanic or a Detailer depends on the effectiveness of the parts or products they use. As a result, they tend to use the same products every time they repair or detail a vehicle. Consulting these professionals helps to see how the products perform in a real-world setting.

Brand Reputation: Apart from makes and models of vehicles, there are some product and parts brands that are more well-known than others. When it comes to your vehicle, it’s best to work with brands that have a proven track-record.

For example, the well-known detailing brand Meguiar’s has been around since 1901. Automotive parts manufacturer ACDelco was founded over 100 years ago. At a base level, these brands are built on reliable, quality products.

Customer Reviews: Before recommending any product, we look at verified customer reviews. Since customers aren't incentivized to leave a biased review, their comments help to shed some light on how well the products actually work. However, these days Customer reviews have a way of being faked. To help combat this, we take extra precaution to ensure they’re genuine so that they don’t skew our own reviews.

The Vehicle Lab looks to cover all aspects of the automotive industry: News, Maintenance & Repair Guides, and Product Reviews
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