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Best Off Road Lights of 2020: Illuminate the Night

If you have ever looked around for off-roading lights, you’ve likely noticed how much jargon is used. All of that jargon can be confusing.

Manufacturers often talk about how many lumens their lights can output and use fancy terms like “Hyperspot array.” Which light can last me the longest? Which light is actually the brightest?

Let’s answer these questions and see which lights are best for off-roading. Hopefully, after reading, you will have a better understanding of what to look for.

The Best Off Road Lights

Rigid Industries LED Light Bar
13,500 Lumens
Auxbeam Off Road Driving Lights
18,000 Lumens
Nilight LED Work Light
1,260 Lumens

1. Rigid Industries Off Road LED Light Bar

If you’re looking for true, top-of-the-line quality, then you can’t go wrong with the Rigid Industries SR2-Series 30’’ LED Light Bar.

First of all, installing this light bar couldn’t be easier. With a plug-and-play harness included in the box, there is no rewiring or extra fussing about.

This 30’’ LED light bar is also incredibly durable. Its aluminum housings feature heat sinks, which help keep the LEDs cool. The LEDs themselves boast a powder coated finish, a rubber seal, and a lens that’s resistant to scratches.

Rigid Industries is famous for creating products with a premium build quality and the SR2-Series is no exception. There’s no fretting over water damage in harsh weather conditions.

Of course, the most important part of any light bar is how bright it is and how well it projects its light. And in that regard, this light bar can’t be beaten. Rigid Industries’ patented “Specter Optics” design allows it to produce an intense beam with minimal wasted light. Its “Hyperspot” array is able to project a supremely focused beam, while the surrounding floodlights illuminate the road around you.

All of the great features above result in this LED bar being the least affordable product on this list. But for sheer quality and reliability, it has earned the spot as the best off road lights.

2. Auxbeam Off Road LED Light Bar

One of the most affordable options for a light bar of its size, the Auxbeam, for the most part, doesn’t disappoint.

It has a fairly solid construction. However, the main pro of this 42’’ LED light bar from Auxbeam is its brightness. To put it mildly, the LEDs on this light bar are glaring. To be more exact, the lights are 2400 lumens and a Cold White 6500K.

The curved design of the LEDs, which are made by Cree, also allows for a wider range of illumination. Light bars with a straight design tend to have a tougher time illuminating corners. That’s one way in which the Auxbeam excels over other light bars.

Still, this light bar isn’t without its problems. Specifically, the wire harness included is rather poor. Sadly, this light bar isn’t ready-to-go out of the box. If you’re planning on buying the Auxbeam 42’’ LED Light Bar, be prepared to spend a little more time and money on rewiring. Or possibly even purchasing a new harness. Other than that, this light bar works fairly well.

3. Nilight Off-Roading Lights

If you’re looking for a pair of 4’’ LED lights, these Nilight off roading LED lights are a very affordable option.

At 1260lm of light, these LEDs are surprisingly bright. You wouldn’t expect a pair of 4’’ LED lights at this price range to be as bright as these Nilights are. You also don’t have to worry about overheating because these LEDs boast die-cast aluminum cooling fins, which provide much-improved heat dissipation.

However, these lights have a few flaws worth mentioning too. Most notably, they aren’t as durable as they could be. While Nilight claims that they’re waterproof, users have reported they are more than a little susceptible to wet weather. With that said they are still IP67 rated.

Aside from that, the lights work surprisingly well for how cheap they are. If you’re in the market for a pair of 4’’ LEDs, these aren’t a bad choice.

4. Kingopt Off Road Lights

A cheap product doesn’t always have to be a bad one. If anything, these Kingopt 4’’ Off Road LED Lights prove that while they’re far from the best, for a pair of cheap LEDs, they work surprisingly well.

They’re fairly bright at 1800 lumens and Pure White 6500K.

As far as build quality is concerned, again, they’re far from premium but are surprisingly well-made. They feel hefty in your hands and the brackets are fairly solid. These lights are also IP68 rated making them great for long-term submersion.

However, we recommend you waterproof these with silicone before you install them. Some users have reported leaks into the LED housing.

They may not be ideal for all off-roading purposes, but they will work for most other purposes.

5. Cutequeen Off-Road LED Spot Light

These Cutequeen Off Road LED Lights wouldn’t be our first choice, but if you’re only looking for a cheap pair of 4’’ LED lights for your ATV, they may just do the trick for you.

First of all, they’re fairly bright. Maybe not quite as bright as some of us would prefer, but at 1800 lumens they will do the job. To be honest, we weren’t expecting them to be glaring, but affordability comes with some trade-offs.

However, what holds these back the most is their somewhat poor design. The brackets are made of thin metal and are fairly flimsy, which isn’t a good sign. For what it’s worth, it looks as if that’s more of a quality control issue and not a problem with the product in general.

They’re easy to install and for the price, they aren’t half-bad. If you’re looking for an extra-cheap pair of LEDs, these Cutequeen Off Road LED Lights might do the trick.

What to Look for in Off-Roading Lights

jeep off-roading lights

Whether you’re shopping for a new light bar or even just a pair of 4’’ LED lights, it’s always important to have a clear idea of what to look for. Here are a few things you should note before you make a decision.

Multiple Applications

The first thing to think of is the application you plan to use your off-roading lights for. Just because they are advertised for vehicles doesn’t mean you can’t use them for boats, ATVs, 4x4s, work equipment, etc.

Typically if you need a strong beam for your boat or ATV a 40” bar isn’t practical. Where-as two 4 inch LEDs will work perfectly.

There are also technical aspects to consider, for instance, voltage requirements will vary, cable length, as well as mounting position for optimal beam positioning.

Beam Pattern

As the bulb produces light, the rays are directed towards the objects they are pointed at. These lights produce a specific pattern. When it comes to beam patterns, there are two that are most common: floodlights and spotlights.

Floodlights are capable of producing lots of light that is spread out in every direction. While they can’t reach very far, their radius is still quite large.

Spotlights are strongly focused beams of light capable of seeing far off distances. With that said, you can’t see anything that is outside the line of sight.

Some off roading lights combine both of these beams. With that said these usually are lacking when it comes to beam strength in both categories.

jeep with off-road lights


Off-roading lights are typically quite bright. You will see brightness rated in lumens. Off-roading lights should have an average value of 5,000 or more. Typically the higher the rating, the brighter the light.


Most of these lights are quite durable. The housings or pods are fairly structurally sound. You want to avoid plastic and cheap parts. Look for high-quality steel and aluminum parts and waterproof ratings IP67 or above.


Installing your offroad lights can be rather tricky, even with manuals. There a couple of general guides on wiring, but the video below outlined it well.


The garage lighting that you choose to install can affect overall visibility and garage safety. However, you may need to buy several light units to get the required level of brightness, which would certainly make a dent in your budget.

So, it’s important to choose carefully and never shop in a hurry. You don’t want to end up with expensive lights that are too dim for your needs. To avoid that, it will help to consider the factors we discussed like lumen output and color temperature.


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