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Best Spray Wax of 2020: Better than Paste?

Waxing is essential because it keeps your vehicle’s paint and clear coat protected from external elements and oxidation. Waxing can help protect your car from airborne contaminants that can damage your clear coat and expose your paint to further damage. It can also prevent blemishes and can even fill in small scratches.

Spray wax is budget friendly and produces results, it’s one of the best bang-for-buck products for detailing. The application is easy, and you don’t need to work as hard to apply it. Also, it applies a beautiful, thin and even coat of wax, without wasting any product.

The Best Spray Wax

CarGuys Hybrid Wax
128 oz
Meguiars Carnauba Spray Wax
16 oz
Turtle Wax Spray Wax
26 oz

With that said, does it compete with traditional paste wax? Let’s find out.

1. CarGuys Hybrid Spray Wax

This spray wax really proves that a little goes a long way. It’s a perfect fit for those looking for a showroom finish look for their vehicle.

The CarGuys spray wax is an original synthetic formula, and it’s infused with carnauba wax. However, it also has an innovative, newly patented polymer additive.

One of the best features of the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is that it’s biodegradable. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, and it combines natural and synthetic ingredients.

As mentioned, it contains carnauba, which is a prominent ingredient in paste waxes, and the synthetic, polymer components. That means that it combines the best of both worlds. Hence the name, Hybrid.

As with all spray waxes, this product is very easy to use. The CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is hydrophobic and will protect your paint and keep it clean, even in heavy rain. This spray will encourage water beading and protect against UV radiation.

This product is supposed to replace the wax, polish, and sealant you’re using. With that in mind, the wax is relatively inexpensive. However, it is still somewhat pricey compared to other spray waxes on this list.

2. Meguiar's Gold Class Premium Quick Wax

When it comes to exterior car detailing, you can’t go wrong with Meguiar’s products. The Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax contains carnauba wax, which will provide the deep shine you’re after.

This product will protect your car paint from both UV radiation and water. Furthermore, it’s made specifically to bring out the richness and the deep shine of black and dark-colored finishes.

One of the most significant advantages of this spray wax is that you can use it in places exposed to sunlight. That means that it’s less heat-sensitive than other brands. However, don’t kid yourself thinking you can wax your car that’s been standing in direct sunlight for hours. The product can stand some heat, but the hotter your car surface is, the quicker the wax will bake in.

The Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax leaves little to no sttreaks. It’s also easy to apply. Just mist your spray wax and wipe off with a microfiber towel.

3. Turtle Wax T-9

When it comes to affordability, Turtle 1-Step Wax and Dry is the winner on our list. One bottle of this product can last you for up to 17 waxes. Now, that’s a bargain!

As for the features of this product, they are fairly adequate. The product will keep your car looking shiny and reflective, while still providing water-protection. Just like all the other spray waxes on our list, this one contains carnauba wax.

You can use this spray wax without fear of it leaving streaks on plastic and rubber trimming of your car. In addition to treating your car paint with it, you can also clean automotive glass.

It’s best to use this product while the car is still wet. Wash and rinse your car, then start applying small amounts of the product onto your vehicle, one section at a time.

This polymer formula saves you time and effort. Compared with paste waxes, you’ll be done with the waxing job in a fraction of time. However, compared to other spray waxes, the Turtle Wax T-9 1-Step Wax & Dry does not provide quite the same level of deep shine.

4. Griot's Garage Spray-on Wax

This product differs the most from your standard spray wax. It’s only meant to be used between two washes. That means it can’t offer the same durability and the long-lasting effects other products on our list can.

The Griot’s Garage Spray-On Wax is actually a base wax enhancer. You’re supposed to apply it to amplify the wax base and paint sealants that are already on your car. That’s a bit disappointing for those who want an all-in-one, quick solution for waxing.

However, the Griot’s Garage Spray-On Wax is an excellent solution for cleaning and prolonging the shine you already have. It will add another layer of protection against water, UV rays, and contaminants.

You should apply this product while your car is still wet. It will aid the cleaning process, and enhance the gloss and shine of your vehicle. You just spray it on and wipe it off with a towel. It doesn’t have to be buffed in. However, you will need to apply a generous amount for better results.

5. Mother's California Gold

Mothers California Gold Spray Wax is a bestseller and a fan-favorite. It also has the best quality-price ratio out of all the products we presented today.

This product is also versatile. You can use it on both wet and dry surfaces. However, this product is also used to improve the existing wax on your paint. The most prominent features of the California Gold Spray is that it contains carnauba wax, and that it is heat-resistant.

This product will leave your car looking shiny and glass-like. Furthermore, it will provide another layer of protection against the elements, mainly water. Forget about the persistent water streaks and smudges. The deep shine will remain even after your car gets exposed to heavy rain.

Moreover, this product has another great feature. You can use it to treat and protect other exterior surfaces, not just the car body. Use it on your plastic and rubber trims, and protect them as well.

As with all other spray waxes, the California Gold Spray is easy to use. However, you might need to buff it in a bit more if you want a deep shine.

What to Look for in a Spray Wax

Now, we might be alone in saying this but spray wax doesn’t compete with any of the paste waxes out there. If you’re after that deep level of shine then a spray wax is likely going to disappoint you. Both in the shine level as well as durability. With that said, spray wax is a great option to enhance an existing wax. Spray wax also tends to be more affordable and is easier to apply than a paste.

Age of Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is relatively new and has a solid finish then a spray wax should do the job. Waxing can help preserve your finish over time. One of the biggest problems that older vehicles will have is their finish will begin to dull and fade and eventually oxidize. In most cases, you can remove light oxidation with a clay bar. Then you can restore shine with a polish.

Spray Wax Benefits

A spray wax is essentially a liquid wax. More often than not, they will contain the same great ingredients that will help with UV protection and shine. With that said, their biggest problem is their durability.

Spray waxes are one of the best options for beginners. An application is as easy as spraying on and wiping away. Depending on the wax you go with, you won't even need a buffer.

Another benefit is the price. In some cases, paste wax can cost $100+ for a single tin. The most expensive spray wax on this list is $20. With that said, paste waxes can last up to 6 months and spray wax can last up to 2 weeks if you’re lucky.

Spray Waxing Tips

  • Wash and dry your vehicle before you apply wax. With that said, read the instructions of the product. Some may require you to leave the vehicle wet during application.
  • Avoid waxing in direct sunlight. This may cause the wax to bake onto the vehicle.
  • Use a towel to apply the wax and use another towel to buff it away.

Here are a few tips from Scotty Kilmer as well. He seems to agree with us that paste lasts longer but the liquid is definitely easier to use.


Waxing is crucial, and it should be a standard part of your maintenance routine. But, that doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult. Spray waxes offer fantastic results regarding the gloss and shine but may not be long-lasting. Liquid wax can be applied easily and you can wax your car quickly. Spray wax is best for newer cars or for in between paste applications.


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