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Best Tires for Jeep Wrangler of 2020: AT, Off-Road, & Daily Drivers!

Jeeps are the type of vehicle with no shortage of accessories and options. When it comes to Jeeps, one of the most popular in their lineup is the Wrangler.

We’ve decided to compile a list of five tires that will suit a Jeep Wrangler. We looked at tires that can meet different criteria like off-roading capabilities as well as versatile all-terrain options.

Aside from that, there are also options for better handling, as well as several towing tires and high-end options to choose from. One of the main benefits of shopping for tires online is to save money. However, installation is better left to a professional.

The Best Tires for the Jeep Wrangler

Falken Jeep Wrangler Tire
Load Rating: 111
Toyo Jeep Wrangler Open Country Tire
Load Rating: 117
Goodyear Jeep Wranlger Tire
Load Rating: 113

1. Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Radial Tire

These Falken tires stand at 30 inches tall and 10 inches wide, with a 17-inch wheel diameter. They have a load index rating of 111, which means it’s capable of carrying 2403 pounds of weight.

The tire itself weighs about 39 pounds. It has a T speed rating, meaning that it can safely run at up to 118 mph. This tire and the next one on the list are tied in the speed category, while the remaining three tires in the article have a somewhat lower rating. However, they also have higher load ratings.

This tire is classified as an all-weather all-terrain tire, which should make it incredibly durable. The tread block is great with water evacuation. The tire has head diffusing technology in the sidewall to protect the inside of the tire and maintain stability even when towing heavy loads. Even though most all-terrain tires need to be changed after 50k miles, many users noted that these tires weren’t showing almost any wear by that point. Others noted that these might not be the best tires to drive on ice, though.

2. Toyo Open Country Radial Tire

This all-terrain Toyo tire is 33 inches tall and 12 inches wide, with a 17-inch wheel diameter. It weighs 46.5 pounds and can run with 2833 pounds of weight (117 load index). Just like our best overall tire, this one has a speed rating of T, which means that it can travel at 118 mph.

The manufacturer created this tire to offer powerful all-terrain and weather traction and durability, as well as a relatively quiet ride. Despite manufacturer claims, though, some users noted that the tire underperformed in snowy or icy conditions. According to the manufacturer, the tire is likely to last upwards of 65k miles.

Aside from having a tough open block tread pattern that can expel stones, it also has reinforced sidewalls. However, one user reported noticing that the sidewalls are a bit weak for an all-terrain tire. The tread is also able to resist uneven wear, according to the manufacturer, which means that drivers shouldn’t notice any flatter tread.

3. Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar Radial Tire

This Goodyear Wrangler tire is 35 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide, with a 15-inch wheel rim diameter. It weighs in at an incredible 66.8 pounds, which makes it the second heaviest tire on our list. This weight influences the load index, which is rated at 113, enabling the tire to carry up to 2535 pounds. But, this isn’t even the most impressive load index rating on our list, as we will see later. This tire has a Q speed rating, so it can safely at about 100 mph.

The tire has Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls, which should make it very durable and rugged. In fact, one user even stated that a set of these tires lasted them 14 years. The unusual asymmetric tread pattern should be excellent at water evacuation and offer a better grip, in addition to being able to force stones out. Certain users complained about a few individual tires being difficult to balance, but they said that the manufacturer’s customer service was happy to send new tires to replace the flawed ones.

Most of the time, in fact, buying Goodyear tires is a sure thing. This is the tire for anyone who trusts only established brands.

4. Nitto Trail Grappler All Season Radial Tire

This Nitto Tire is the largest and heaviest on our list – and also the most expensive one. It’s 34.8 inches tall and 13.2 inches wide, with a rim diameter of 17 inches, and it weighs 79.4 pounds. At that size, it has the second most impressive load index rating on our list, as its 121 rating means it can carry 3197 pounds of weight. It comes in two speed ratings, Q and R, or 100 mph and 106 mph, respectively. Therefore, we see that the higher load rating comes at the expense of the speed capabilities of the tire.

Since this is an all-terrain tire, its tread is deep and blocked to increase off-road traction and expel rocks. The tread is also good at water evacuation and navigating mud. Users seem to be impressed with the aggressive looks of the tire, but they also note that it performs well on sand and rocks. One user commented that the road noise is as expected of an all-terrain tire, but others praised its quietness.

5. BFGoodrich All-Terrain Radial Tire

Our best load index rated tire is this BFGoodrich tire with a load rating of 123, which allows it to pull 3417 pounds of weight. As we saw in the last example, this leaves it somewhat lacking in the speed department, with an R speed rating, allowing it to travel at 106 mph.

This tire is 32 inches tall and 11 wide, with an 18-inch wheel diameter. It weighs in at 32.5 pounds. The manufacturer calls it their toughest all-terrain tire due to the thicker sidewall and shoulder rubber. The tread rubber is designed to be less vulnerable to chipping and tearing and make the tire wear evenly.

Apart from that, the tread is also great at water and mud evacuation, as well as at stone ejection, while maintaining its stability. Users generally confirmed the all-terrain all-weather traction claims. One user disputed the even wear claims, saying that the tires didn’t wear evenly despite being frequently rotated and not weighed down.

What to Look for in Tires for Jeep Wranglers

parked jeep wrangler

Tire Price

As we mentioned earlier, potential Jeep Wrangler buyers will want to keep their eyes on the price, since a set of tires with a spare can cost anywhere from $650-$1600 (based on estimates from this list).

Of course, when it comes to Jeep tires, we recommend spending more, as these tires need to withstand the elements, especially if you plan on driving them off-road. The price is often a good indicator of lifespan.

That’s why it’s best to look for tires on the expensive side and have them last a decade with proper maintenance and rotation. In comparison to the cheaper tires, you have to replace every 6 months.

Tire Tread

All of the tires we reviewed have blocky and deep tread grooves to maintain traction on different surfaces. Almost all of them have symmetrical treads, which are the most common. However, number 3 on our list, the Goodyear Wrangler tire, has an asymmetric tread type.

This means that the tire has a clear outer and inner tread and that we’ll need to get two left and two right tires. Furthermore, that means that we’ll only be able to rotate the tires front to back, never side to side. And if we can’t predict which tire we’ll need to have a spare for, then we’ll either have to buy two spares for both sides of the Jeep or buy no spares and hope our tires never need emergency replacements.

In any case, all of these tires should be very durable. The manufacturers know that Jeeps aren’t going to stay neatly within the road lines and that they need something that’ll take them off-road. If we’re going to be driving off-road, material specifications, such as thickness or certain design nuances, should be considered.

Tire Sizing

off-road jeep wrangler

If we plan to go off-road, we will likely to need a tire of impressive dimensions. However, our best overall tire here was the lightest and the smallest one, so it’s not your best choice for off-roading.

Dimensions are definitely something we all need to decide on individually. Some people need their Jeep to have big tires, and some people don’t. For those of you who aren’t sure what to look for, here’s a tip: check the dimensions on your existing tires.

They’ll be written on the sidewall of the tire, and they’ll look like the numbers we saw after the tires’ product names. In other words, the sizing will look something like this: “P245/65R17.”

With that said, If your main goal is purely off-roading or mudding, you may consider looking for “Super Swampers.” Most tires labeled in this fashion are massive and have large tread designed for mudding.

Tire Load and Speed Ratings

Finally, the load and speed ratings are always a good thing to check, as they will determine how much extra weight a Jeep can take on. This information is particularly important if we’re going to be towing heavy loads. And, we’ve seen that the speed ratings tend to go down as the load index rating goes up. So, if you’re ready to sacrifice speed for load capabilities or if you genuinely need load capabilities, you know what to look for.


That brings us to the end of our discussion. In any case, we’d like to think that all of the tires we chose to review are great in their own right. So, whether or not we convinced some Jeep Wrangler owners to get our best overall pick, the Falken Wildpeak, or another option. We hope that you are at least educated enough to make a better purchasing decision.


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