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How to Remove Water Spots on Your Car

Water spots are one of the most annoying things car owners have to deal with. Not only do they always seem to appear right after you had the car cleaned, but they can also potentially damage your paint job. Avoiding water is all but impossible, even if you manage to... read more

How to Remove Paint Transfer From Your Car

Car scratches are incredibly irritating and in most cases, they tend to leave behind some paint transfer. It always seems like no matter how careful you are, accidents are almost impossible to avoid. Even if you always park away from the herd, you may still end up... read more

What is Tire Stretching? Is it Safe? Legal? – Let’s find out!

In the simplest terms, stretched tires are essentially fitting narrow tires onto wider wheels. Typically these stretches will range from 1 to 3 inches. When you first hear the term tire stretching, or stretched tires, the first thought that pops into your mind is why?... read more

Power Steering Fluid Alternatives

Every car owner knows what an ordeal it is to be out of power steering fluid at the worst possible moment. It’s a necessity for every vehicle and needs replenishment whenever the level gets too low. The question is, what do you do when faced with this type of... read more

How to Properly Dry a Car After Washing

The simple act of drying your car after you washed it might not seem like a terribly important one, but, believe us, it is more relevant than you know. You see, washing and drying your car on a regular basis is the one car maintenance activity that offers the most... read more

How Long Can a Car Idle? Finally Answered!

Let’s face it. We’ve all asked ourselves: How long can my car idle? It’s a question we all ask ourselves. Usually, we ask it when we are short on money, or when we’re waiting in traffic. What is Idling and Why Is It Sometimes Necessary? Idling is... read more

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