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Tire Size Explained: What Do All the Numbers Mean?

Tire specifications are detailed by the numbers and letters found on the sidewall of tires. It is important that we understand tire geometry and be informed of the parameters that govern their performance. Tire sizes are defined by specifications such as the type,... read more

Bad Radiator Symptoms and Replacement Cost

A radiator is more important than people might think. It’s an essential part of the car and its cooling system. A failing radiator can be quite dangerous. The risks range from an overheating engine to feeling like it’s the Sahara Desert inside your car. To... read more

How to Make Flames Come Out of Your Exhaust

If you are looking for a way to make necks turn while at car shows then you have probably already considered making flames shoot out of your exhaust. Chances are you don’t have a Lamborghini Aventador that does this stock, so what is the best way to accomplish... read more

Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Turbocharger

Assuming that you aren’t a car enthusiast who knows their way around cars, let’s first explain what a turbocharger or turbo is. Basically, it is a part that helps boost the power of your engine. Even if you have a smaller engine, you can enjoy more performance... read more

How to Remove Water Spots on Your Car

Water spots are one of the most annoying things car owners have to deal with. Not only do they always seem to appear right after you had the car cleaned, but they can also potentially damage your paint job. Avoiding water is all but impossible, even if you manage to... read more

How to Remove Paint Transfer From Your Car

Car scratches are incredibly irritating and in most cases, they tend to leave behind some paint transfer. It always seems like no matter how careful you are, accidents are almost impossible to avoid. Even if you always park away from the herd, you may still end up... read more

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