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How to Fix a Keyed Car: Do It Yourself!

Has your car ever been at the receiving end of a former partner’s wrath? If yes, then you know the pains of repairing the damage a key and an angry ex can cause.

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The Reasons Behind High Oil Pressure

If you are experiencing high oil pressure frequently or even regularly, it is about time you asked for help.

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3 Solid Window Tinting Alternatives

Tinted car windows have been around for many years. Many drivers prefer tinted windows because they have several important advantages.

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Power Steering Fluid Alternatives

Every car owner knows what an ordeal it is to be out of power steering fluid at the worst possible moment.

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How to Properly Dry a Car After Washing

The simple act of drying your car after you’ve washed it might not seem like a terribly important one, but, believe us, it is more important than you might think.

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Knock Sensor: Functions, Bad Symptoms, and Replacement Costs

The engine of your vehicle is controlled by a number of sensors used for regulating things like emissions, ignition timing, and temperature. One particular sensor is called a knock sensor. The term “knock” is also referred to as pinging, pinking,... read more

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