Best Oil Filters of 2019: Cellulose, Synthetic, or Mix?

As the oil runs through the engine it interacts with a lot of different parts. On its way, it picks up grit and particles of metal. These things contaminate the oil and make it dirtier over time. Once the oil reaches a certain threshold, it will lose its ability to... read more

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma of 2019: Long Lasting and Reliable!

The Toyota Tacoma is one the most popular trucks on the market. Most notable for being reliable, versatile, and customizable. There aren’t many other trucks out there that have this significant of a track record nor have the number of modifications and... read more

The Best Foam Cannon of 2019: Better than a Car Wash!

Pressure washers have become more affordable in the past fifteen years. Nowadays, they’re affordable enough for ordinary people to buy and use them, and ordinary people should use them! A pressure washer is a lot better at removing stubborn dirt and grime than an... read more

Best Tires for Honda Odyssey of 2019: Reliability on the Road!

The Odyssey is a minivan manufactured by Honda. Over the past decade, across their various models, it has become one of the most popular minivans on the road. People that own this vehicle often have precious cargo on board, their kids. While the Honda Odyssey has a... read more

Best Spray Wax of 2019: Better than Paste?

Waxing is essential because it keeps your vehicle’s paint and clear coat protected from external elements and oxidation. Waxing can help protect your car from airborne contaminants that can damage your clear coat and expose your paint to further damage.... read more

Best Garage Heater of 2019: Fight the Cold!

If you enjoy working in your garage all year long, then you know the struggles of keeping yourself warm in the winter. Garages offer minimal insulation, and they are rarely temperature-controlled. In the summertime, you can handle the heat, but cold hands are never... read more

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