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The Various Uses of Diesel: The Benefits Explained

The inventor of diesel fuel was a German scientist named Rudolf Diesel. Before the petroleum industry started to refine diesel, Rudolf experimented with biodiesel as well as coal dust.

In the 21st century, it’s safe to say that diesel fuel is quite popular. Diesel engines have also significantly improved. The most important trait of these engines is that they use compression in order to ignite the fuel. Additionally, their higher thermodynamic efficiency and thus fuel efficiency have led to increased usage across a variety of industries.

Production of Diesel

Diesel fuel is produced from many sources. The most important types of diesel fuel, depending on the source of its production, are:

  • Petroleum diesel (the most common type of diesel fuel)
  • Synthetic diesel
  • Biodiesel
  • Hydrogenated oils and fats
  • Dimethyl ether (DME)

Diesel engines have always had a bad reputation for being loud and producing tons of pollution into the air. This isn't the case anymore and diesel has definitely increased in popularity.

Rise in Diesel Popularity

There are several obvious reasons for the popularity of diesel. The most important factors that determine them are efficiency, affordability, and the preservation of the environment.

Diesel fuel ignites at peak temperature and pressure. The benefit of this is that you will get more fuel when the temperature is lower. With that said, diesel can also gel at lower temperatures. Fuel additives and glow plugs become necessary to operate in the cold. This is one of the reasons the use of diesel is widespread in Europe and Asia.

Another thing to note is that diesel engines provide higher mileage. They are an obvious and popular choice for heavy-duty transportation since drivers and automakers search for better gas mileage. According to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration), diesel vehicles generate 20-40% better fuel economy than gasoline vehicles.

Finally, diesel engines can also work on biodiesel, which is made partly from natural materials. Therefore, it does not contribute to greenhouse gas formation; instead, it preserves the environment.

Various Uses of Diesel Fuel

The reasons for the increased popularity of diesel go hand in hand with its extended range of uses. When a product is efficient, durable, and eco-friendly, it's more apt to be used.

The diesel engine is essential in almost all industries and can be used as a mechanical engine, power generator, or in a mobile drive. Industrial engines and diesel-powered generators are mainly used in construction, mining, marine, etc. In addition, people use power generators in homes and hospitals.

In America, people transport products by trucks and trains powered by diesel engines. Also, it’s not uncommon to use these engines in farming. Diesel is simply efficient and provides vehicles with incredible safety features.

According to the EIA, diesel engines are used in more than two-thirds of the farm equipment in the USA. They also say that some of the demanding construction work that these engines can do are lifting steel beams, paving roads, etc. This adds to the fact that diesel vehicles are reliable and safe.

Other vehicles that also rely on diesel engines are boats, as well as school and public buses. Since diesel allows us to travel long distances and in high altitudes, it’s a fairly popular choice for all these means of transportation.

Finally, due to the fact that diesel is less flammable and explosive than other fuels, it is used in the U.S. military in tanks and trucks. In fact, diesel vehicles in the military are a lot safer than other options since they reduce the risk of fire and explosion in combat.

Because of all of these various use cases, it’s easy to understand all its contributions to different industries.

Diesel in the Automotive Industry

The use of diesel in the automotive industry is quite widespread because diesel vehicles have significantly improved. They are more efficient in terms of fuel and have more low-end torque than gasoline engines. As a direct consequence, diesel cars now offer better performance and are cleaner. They also feature ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel cars offer the advantage of reducing emissions from transportation, resulting in lower health risks.

Diesel cars gain better performance due to improved fuel injection and electronic engine control technologies, which lead to:

  • Increased power
  • Improved acceleration
  • Increased efficiency

Additional technologies diesel engines come with are noise and vibration technology. These features make driving more pleasant. Other quality features diesel cars have are a long lifespan, higher residual value, and low maintenance.

Finding a place where you can fill your tank with diesel is also quite easy. Since diesel has been used in trucks for decades now, it is available at most gas stations, especially in America.

Final Thoughts

Forty years ago, nobody could have predicted that diesel would become as popular or as advanced as it is now. Diesel fuel hosts a number of great properties and continues to be used for the trucking and farming industries as well as the military. We also continue to see motor vehicles use it for the reasons detailed above.


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